Gum Depigmentation Treatment

Gum Depigmentation Treatment

When you think of a beautiful smile, you probably focus on smooth, white teeth that look healthy. But most people do not realize the importance of a good looking gum, which gives a dazzling smile. Dark gums around the teeth can ruin the smile if left untreated. Gum depigmentation also known as Gum Bleaching is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to lighten or remove dark spots/patches on gum caused by melanin.

Frequently Asked Questions

This a procedure that painlessly and effectively treats dark spots or areas of the gums with a laser. The procedure lightens the colour of the gums with pronounced results.
Dark gums do not necessarily signify poor oral health. It is mostly due to excess melanin in the gum tissue’s surface layer.
The laser light is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the tissues, heating the cells until they are damaged. The damaged cells are naturally removed by the body, leaving fresh healthy-looking gums.
First, you will have a consultation with the dental surgeon to evaluate your gums to ensure that laser gum depigmentation is suitable for you.
It is painless as a numbing cream is applied 30-45 minutes before the treatment.
Depends on the area of extent concerned
Depends on the shade that the client requests and desires. If the gums are very dark you may need more than one visit
One can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment. You need to follow instructions given by the dental surgeon, while cautiously approaching the gums when eating and brushing the teeth.

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