Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Skin pigmentation refers to the colouration of skin. Your skin colour is determined by the levels of melanin in your skin cells. If the cells are healthy, your skin will appear normal. However, if the skin cells become unhealthy or damaged your skin may turn lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation), both of which are recognized as skin disorders. Vitiligo is a type of hypopigmentation, where the skin cells are destroyed, and causing pronounced white patches to appear on the body. Hormonal changes and excessive exposure to sunlight can also cause skin pigmentation issues, resulting in dark patches or spots on the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any benign hyperpigmentation can be removed - Freckles, Sun spots, Age spots and Cafe-au-lait birthmarks.
A consultation by a dermatologist is required prior to treatment to ensure that you are a good candidate
Any area of the body can be treated
Your treatment plan will depend on the site, depth, size, and type of pigmentation. Some lesions will resolve with one treatment whereas some require several treatments for optimal results.
Most clients see results with just one treatment. Results become evident in about four weeks but can take up to eight weeks to see full results.
Frequency of your pigmentation removal appointments will be based on clinical judgement. For most people every 4 to 6 weeks.
Pigmented lesions will not return after the scheduled number of treatments. Various factors such as aging, changes in hormone levels or UV exposure can stimulate new hyperpigmentation. Laser pigmentation removal does not prevent new hyperpigmentation occuring.
Using a high quality chemical free sunblock daily Using appropriate protection from UV light rays can prevent recurrence of hyperpigmentation
Temporary discolouration or reddening of area treated Numbing cream applied one hour prior to the treatment will alleviate this discomfort.

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