iontophoresis is a treatment that has been used to treat excessive sweating of palms and feet for several decades. Studies have shown that continuous use of an iontophoresis machine is an effective way to treat excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis. The mechanism of how iontophoresis acts to reduce the sweating is not fully know but theories say that the ions of the water forms a mechanic block that stops the sweat from reaching the skin surface. The way in which a iontophoresis device works is actually very simple. The machine consists of a mild power supply with and electric current that can be controlled by the user. This power supply is connected to a water bath. One puts his/her palms or feet in this water bath and the power is then turned on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Iontophoresis is a method of treating excessive sweating. It is a machine that uses a very low electrical current to treat excessive sweating. You put your hands or feet in two separate water bath and the current passes through your body. Alternatively, for other body parts, e.g. armpits electrodes (that have been soaked in water) are put in the area one wishes to treat. It is a machine designed primarily for use at home.
No one has proved how it works so far, but one hypothesis is that the ions in the water form a mechanical blockade that prevents the sweat from getting out of the sweat glands, resulting in less sweating.
Iontophoresis can have a good effect on excessive sweating in up to 90% of the patients when the method is used correctly
Iontophoresis requires time and dedication, at least in the beginning, to get the right settings and thus the best possible effect. If you know that you are not the patient kind or that you lack time then we believe iontophoresis is not for you. Over time, when you get used to the treatment and when you have reached what is called steady-state, the desired effect, you can perform the treatments less often and it becomes less time/energy consuming
The studies that have made have focused on the palms and feet. Minor studies have been performed on iontophoresis treatment of the armpits and there is evidence that some individuals have had a good effect when treating e.g. the face

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